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2023 Cruises - Find Your Perfect Trip

One of the most amazing things about booking a cruise is that you can tick multiple destinations off your bucket list on a single trip. The best cruises let you seek new adventures and thrills, creating memorable themes throughout your vacation.

Aegis has rounded up some of the best 2023 cruises that can make your next vacation spectacular. So keep reading to discover our top choices for 2023 cruises and must-see attractions for the coming year.

Disney Cruise 2023

Vacationing on Disney Cruise Line Ships can add a little magic to your adventure for your young family with a kid-friendly atmosphere, themed amenities, and well-equipped staterooms. Disney Cruise Line’s itineraries depart from various ports to exciting destinations in Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Why Choose Disney Cruises?

Cruising with Disney offers a fun and relaxing adventure for everyone in the family. Kids can enjoy Disney-themed entertainment and imaginative plays in whimsical kids’ clubs. They can interact with their favorite characters and play on the deck in refreshing pools or water slides.

As your kids enjoy the kids club section, you can sneak away to exclusive locations with exciting nightclubs, lounges, and adults-only pools. Your teen can make new friends on the tween section onboard.

Hawaiian cruises provide you with all the sightseeing opportunities of a stay there without the need for hotels and transportation on the island.

Disney Hawaii Cruises 2023

Once you set out on one of Disney’s 2023 cruises to Hawaii, your adventure will involve stops at all four major islands and the best tropical paradise experiences. You can enjoy magical onboard activities, fascinating port adventures, and luxurious amenities.

Top Hawaii Cruise Attractions

Honolulu, Hawaii
You can visit the bustling city of Honolulu, the Hawaiian state capital, where high-rise buildings slowly merge into the surf and sand.

Nawiliwili, Hawaii
You can also explore lush jungles, idyllic waterfalls, and beautiful beaches in Nawiliwili on the island of Kauai. A Disney cruise allows you to enjoy various shore excursions in this natural, enchanting tropical wonderland. 

Other Disney Cruises

Here is the full Disney 2023 Cruise schedule

River cruises are every bit as scenic and exciting as ocean cruises.

Viking River Cruises 2023

You can explore vibrant cultural centers and picturesque landscapes over grand rivers running through Europe, Asia, Egypt, and the U.S. aboard Viking River Cruise ships. You can relax as you sail through iconic rivers such as the Nile, Mississippi, Mekong, and the Rhine.

Why Choose Viking River Cruises?

Viking cruises are small ship experts with award-winning vessels that feature floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious sun decks. You can enjoy a variety of stateroom choices and foreign cuisines as you watch the picturesque riverscapes unfold before your eyes.

Viking River European Cruises 2023

You can trace the history of Europe’s Old World as you cruise over iconic rivers. On your Viking River European cruises, you can wind past emerald green hills, vibrant cities, baroque castles, and gothic cathedrals. Some memorable experiences may include:

  • Culinary delights in Lyon
  • A visit to Medieval Prague, the “City of a Thousand Spires.”
  • Exploring Vienna’s inspirational operas

Top European River Cruise Attractions

Danube River Cruises
You can wind through ten countries experiencing epic historical cities that shaped Europe. The towering castles, forested hills, and scenic landscapes can help you explore the old world in scenic wonder.

Moselle River Cruises
You can enjoy the tranquility of the Moselle River as it twists through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. Make stops at Deutschland’s picturesque wine-growing vineyards. 

Other Viking River Cruises

Celebrity Cruises 2023

Is your idea of the ideal vacation a trip to the Greek Islands? Celebrity Cruises may be the right cruise line for you. Often described as luxury resorts at sea, the fifteen massive ships provide magical experiences as vacationers travel to over 300 destinations worldwide.

Why Choose Celebrity Cruises?

You can enjoy unmatched luxury on Celebrity cruise line ships, with spacious rooms and a fine-dining experience. Enjoy cuisines prepared by Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world.

Greece is a sightseeing cruise destination for 2023.

Greece Cruises 2023

The Greek Islands have been a perennial favorite for most travelers. On Celebrity Greece cruises, you can explore beautiful beaches, drift out to sea on kayaks, or blend in at tiny tavernas. From the ruins of the Acropolis to the Museum of Cycladic Art, there are endless fun activities to do as you embark on the cruise of your life.

Top Greece Cruise Attractions

Santorini, Greece
You can enjoy the beauty of the shimmering light on cobalt-roofed mini-villas as the sun sets on the crescent-shaped island. Sample wines from family-owned wineries as you marvel at the fantastic panorama around you. 

Athens, Greece
Take a trip back in time within the state’s capital. From the incredible views of the Parthenon to the breathtaking Temple of Olympian Zeus, there are excellent sites to behold in this Greek city. 

Other Celebrity Cruises

Here is the full Celebrity 2023 Cruise Schedule.

Passengers new to going on a cruise often have many questions.

Cruise FAQ

Will cruise lines require vaccines in 2023?

Most cruise lines have dropped the COVID-19 mandates on vaccination, masks, and PCR tests. However, some cruise lines still have vaccination protocols depending on the destination.

Do you need a passport for a cruise?

U.S. citizens on closed-loop cruises can enter or depart a country with just proof of citizenship. However, one or more destinations may require a valid passport to exit the ship, and the cruise line may require passengers to hold an active passport even if it isn’t a U.S. requirement.

Are cruises safe?

Cruises are one of the safest ways to travel. Cruise ships are regularly inspected by the respective maritime authorities and must abide by the regulations set by the port cities upon docking.

Are cruises all-inclusive?

Cruises are all-inclusive traveling options, with dining, accommodation, and entertainment amenities fit for all. Savvy, budget-conscious passengers can enjoy a cruise without extra spending.

Royal Caribbean Cruises 2023

Royal Caribbean Cruises allows you to choose itineraries from top-rated vacation destinations worldwide. From sun-soaked Caribbean isles to ancient temples in Asia, you can enjoy unmatched adventure aboard award-winning ships.

Why Choose Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean runs the world’s largest cruise ships, including the current record holder “Wonder of The Seas.” Enjoy world-class dining and accommodations during your adventures.

Mediterranean cruises visit some of the world’s most interesting destinations.

Mediterranean Cruises 2023

You can set sail on your dream vacation to various destinations in the Mediterranean, including Florence, Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia; St. Peters’ Basilica in Rome, Italy; and Santorini, Greece.

Top Mediterranean Cruise Attractions

You can stroll on Italy’s enchanting alleys and impressive palaces and squares. From the Colosseum to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, visit the most beautiful places on your cruise to the Mediterranean.

You can enjoy the beauty of the volcanic scenery on Santorini and watch the sunrise over the Aegean.

Other Royal Caribbean Cruises

Here is the full Royal Caribbean 2023 Cruise Schedule

Carnival Cruises 2023

Carnival Cruise line provides memorable vacation experiences with over 100 ships sailing to over 700 destinations worldwide. From weekend getaways to lengthy world tours, Carnival cruises offer all-inclusive travel to all their passengers.

Why Choose Carnival?

Since 1972, Carnival cruises have carried millions of guests each year, allowing the passengers to explore new lands and cultures on their majestic ships. You can feel at home with a comfy stateroom, elegant dining, and attentive service.

Enjoy a cup of coffee on a cabin's veranda with a beautiful view of glaciers on an Alaskan cruise.

Carnival Alaska Cruise 2023

Grab your sweaters and explore the stunning panhandle region as the Carnival sails through the Alaskan waters. In addition, you can explore quaint seaside towns like Ketchikan and Skagway.

Top Alaska Cruise Attractions

Carnival cruises can transport you to one of the most beautiful capital cities in America. Take in the beauty of ice-capped mountains and off-shore excursions such as whale watching. 

You can visit this tiny town distinguished for the incredible gathering of bald eagles, rich forests, marshlands, and river channels that attract wildlife. 

Other Carnival Cruises

Here is the full Carnival 2023 Cruise Schedule

Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis General

There you have them — five potential cruise line options for you to consider as you plan your vacation in 2023. As you continue your search, you may need comprehensive cruise travel insurance coverage to cater to unforeseen emergencies, such as delays, interruptions, and medical situations.

The Go Ready Cruise Plan  is a comprehensive single-trip coverage option with incredible benefits such as no-age limits and up to 90 days of coverage. The Go Ready Cruise Plan also includes coverage for:

  • Trip cancellations & interruptions
  • Medical
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Baggage delay
  • Missed Port of Call

You can also access attractive upgrades for your cruise voyage, such as:

  • Cancelation for Any Reason (CFAR)
  • Travel delay (including for  COVID quarantine)
  • Increased baggage coverage limits
  • Rental car damage

The Stress Less Benefits feature is included in all plans, allowing travelers to avoid fronting their money and going through a stressful reimbursement process.

Fill out our Get A Quote Form on the right side of this page to receive a customized travel insurance plan for your cruise.

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