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All You Need to Know About Cruise Insurance Plans

Cruise Insurance Plan FAQ

Q: Do I need a particular cruise insurance plan?
A: Select cruise travel insurance that accommodates the complexities of traveling by sea, such as the Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis General with built-in trip interruption, medical and emergency assistance, and transportation coverage, as well as baggage delay and missed port of call protection included. 

Q: Can you buy cruise insurance after booking?
A: Yes, you can buy cruise insurance any time before the date of your departure; however, it’s recommended to purchase your policy as soon as possible after booking. A delay in purchasing cruise insurance can reduce or eliminate certain coverages, such as pre-existing conditions protection and cancel for any reason coverage.

Q: Can I cancel a cruise without insurance?
A: You can cancel a cruise without trip insurance, but you will be charged a penalty. From 14 days before departure to the day of the cruise, the penalty for canceling can be as high as 100% of the total fare, and there are no refunds. Therefore, the only way to cancel without penalty is with cruise insurance.

Q: Is cruise insurance worth it?
A: Travel insurance for a cruise holiday is always worth it. Cruise insurance can sometimes protect you from fronting your own money in the face of an unexpected event, such as a flight disruption or injury. In addition, your travel coverage can arrange accommodations in a quarantine situation and coordinate medical care on your behalf. 

Q: Can you buy COVID-19 cruise insurance?
A: Select the Go Ready Cruise Plan with built-in COVID Coverage. This plan includes coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, or travel delay with quarantine accommodations and emergency assistance if you, your traveling companion, or a family member contracts the virus. 

Q: Can you buy cruise insurance with pre-existing conditions?
A: Yes, you can buy cruise insurance with pre-existing conditions; however, you must purchase your plan before or within 24 hours of your final trip payment. This is one of the unique benefits of the Go Ready Cruise Plan as most other policies require you to purchase the insurance within 2 weeks of your initial trip payment.

Woman looking at the sea with the knowledge that she is covered by a cruise insurance plan.

What Does Travel Cruise Insurance Cover?

Cruise travel insurance includes all the standard benefits of a comprehensive travel policy, such as trip cancellation coverage, but additional benefits and often higher coverage limits. The Go Ready Cruise Plan even includes missed port of call coverage to better protect those traveling by sea.

Benefits provided under travel cruise insurance include:

  • Trip cancellation insurance, including flight cancellation compensation (100%)
  • Trip interruption insurance (150%)
  • Missed connection (up to $750)
  • Missed port of call (up to $600) 
  • Emergency Medical insurance (up to $100,000)
  • Evacuation and Repatriation insurance (up to $250,000)
  • Baggage coverage (up to $1,500)
  • Baggage delay (up to $750)

Preferred plans like Aegis’s will also include traveler’s insurance concierge service to provide personal assistance to travelers who require reservations, recommendations, and more on their trip. Several upgrades and add-ons are also available at purchase, including up to $50,000 of rental car damage and $2,500 of baggage coverage.

How Does Cruise Insurance Cover COVID-19 Travel Concerns?

Most cruise insurance plans currently include COVID-19 coverage if you, your traveling companion, or a family member contracts COVID before you board the cruise trip or while onboard. COVID-19 coverage often consists of a cancellation plan if you become sick before departure and emergency evacuation and medical expense coverage while onboard the ship.  Additionally, the policy will cover expenses such as hotel, food, taxis, and flight costs should you be forced to quarantine abroad.

What’s Not Covered by Cruise Insurance?

Though trip insurance can provide adequate coverage for a standard cruise vacation, there are a few general exclusions. For instance, travel insurance will not reimburse travelers for prepaid trip expenses beyond what cruise lines reimburse if the line must cancel due to financial default.

Other general exclusions found in most cruise insurance policies include:

  • Any loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation, or destruction by a governmental authority, regulation, or prohibition (i.e. U.S. Customs and Border Protection)
  • Any issue or event that could have been reasonably foreseen or expected when you purchased the coverage (such as a known scheduling conflict)
  • Any injury or illness resulting from athletic or sports competition or events, motor competitions, and specific excursions such as mountain climbing, bungee cord jumping, skydiving, parachuting, hang gliding, parasailing, extreme skiing, full-contact martial arts, and scuba diving below 120 feet (40 meters) or without a divemaster

Sunrise from the deck of a cruise ship

Does Everyone in the Group Need Insurance?

You can typically insure all travelers in your group under one cruise insurance plan. You must include the name and age of all travelers in your group, including children, domestic partners or spouses, or a traveling companion, to be included in the coverage.

However, if travelers in your group reside in different states, you may need different insurance plans. Most states have their own travel insurance regulations, which means individual travel plan benefits and coverages may differ based on location.

Where to Find a Travel Insurance Policy for Cruises?

Travel insurance for cruises is best purchased through a trusted provider like Aegis Insurance. Though cruise lines offer coverage that may assist in certain medical emergencies, they often do not reimburse passengers for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, such as hotel stays, nor will they help coordinate accommodations for passengers like a separate cruise insurance policy.

Likewise, most cruise lines may deny coverage if you attempt to cancel your trip 14 days before departure, despite a period of high cancellations for many travelers. When seeking travel insurance, it’s also wise to remain cautious when relying on credit card benefits, as coverage varies widely between providers and may not reimburse non-refundable trip expenses.

Stethoscope on money to represent the cost of a cruise insurance plan

How Much Does Travel Insurance for a Cruise Cost?

Travel insurance costs for a cruise range between 3% to 12% of the total trip cost, depending on the levels of coverage you select. So, cruise insurance for a $5,000 trip can range from $150 on the low-end to $600 on the high-end, especially with optional upgrades like advanced baggage coverage. The cruise specialists at Aegis can help you get a quote for your next trip.

When to Buy Travel Insurance for Your Cruise?

The best time to buy travel insurance for cruises is immediately after booking. The sooner you buy a plan, the more protection you’ll have if anything arises before you set sail. Similarly, those with pre-existing conditions should purchase cruise travel insurance coverage before or within 24 hours of the final trip payment for medical coverage at no additional cost.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance When Booking a Cruise?

A cruise vacation might sound relaxing, but the number of things that can go awry while at sea or during on-shore excursions may encourage you to buy travel insurance when booking a cruise. 

  1. Your health insurance may not cover medical treatment while traveling internationally.
  2. The U.S. government will not provide medical insurance for citizens traveling overseas.
  3. The cost of medical emergency evacuation is extremely expensive without emergency medical insurance.
  4. Unpredicted weather threats can interrupt or completely cancel travel plans, often mid-trip.
  5. Your non-refundable purchases like flights, prepaid resort fees, and tour costs will still be charged, even if you’re unable to make the cruise. 

Cruise Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

You can still buy cruise insurance with a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis or a cardiac condition, but you may need a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver for medical expenses or nonrefundable travel costs brought on by a pre-existing medical condition.

It’s best to purchase your plan before or within 24 hours of your final trip payment, so your policy can include the waiver at no additional cost. You must be medically and physically capable of traveling on the day you purchase your travel insurance for the waiver to be valid. Your travel insurance company may review your medical status if a claim arises.

Man reading newspaper at breakfast on a cruise

Tips for Buying Cruise Insurance

Good insurance is one of the most essential cruise essentials for passengers of any age. The best tips for buying cruise insurance are to vet travel companies before purchasing a plan and always read the fine print of exclusions before signing on the dotted line.

If you’re gearing up for a cruise vacation, discover how Aegis’s Go Ready Cruise Plan for Travelers can protect you against the unexpected, no matter what. Go Insured. Go Ready!

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