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Why purchase travel insurance?

Life is unpredictable and without a magic 8 ball nobody knows where or when something unexpected might happen.

  • Cancellations happen & are costly
    Last-minute cancellations can often be non-refundable. Even the once lenient hotel sector has increased penalties. Instant travel insurance will may help you recover non-refundable payments.
  • Your baggage never arrives
    Instant travel insurance may help you recover the money you spent on those new vacation clothes & even pay for some quick essentials to enjoy on your trip.
  • Illness & injuries occur anywhere
    Have you checked your USA healthcare plan for travel outside the USA or even your home state? You might be unpleasantly surprised. Instant travel insurance can provide medical coverage while you are abroad.
  • You need to be medically evacuated
    Not all destinations have the medical expertise to stabilize a major injury or illness & being airlifted can be a life-changing expense that instant travel insurance can cover.
  • Something happens back at home
    Booking a same or next day flight to rush back home to the USA to attend to a family emergency can be up to 3X the normal price without instant travel insurance.
  • A pandemic shuts down borders
    Too soon? We all now know the realities of this. With our instant travel insurance's Cancel For Any Reason Upgrade you can sleep a bit easier.

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COVID-19 Update

All of Aegis's instant travel insurance plans include pandemic coverage for COVID-19. To see which benefits include COVID-19 protection, you can view details for Single-Trip Plans and Annual Multi-Trip Plans. Be sure to read the Full Policy Details to understand how that coverage applies.

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Forbes Advisor, CNN, USA Today, and other top brands continue to rate Aegis as one of the industry’s top travel insurance companies.

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They then sent me a check & paid exactly as they said they would. Their reps were very helpful, provided great service, & the insurance was at a reasonable cost.

- Pamela from MO

Much better, night & day, compared to [other travel insurers], in terms of coverage & the ability to work with. [They] stayed in touch with me, facilitated the claim & made sure that pre-existing wasn’t an issue with my wife.

- Jim from CA

When I called them about filing a claim, their rep took down my information & processed it quickly. It was awesome & I'm completely satisfied. I would recommend them to my friends & family. It's a great service to get for every trip.

- Adotya from MA

They had the best reviews. I had a terrific experience signing up with them & they handled my situation very well. They were efficient & excellent when I had to collect on the policy.

- Marion from FL

I commend their simplicity and the fact that all their information was readily available, not only through the representatives but online as well.

- K from IL

Mine was also a complicated case because it was a number of different components & some had been partially reimbursed because I’d gotten refunds, & they didn’t have any problem with it.

- Laura from DC

They were a lot faster than I expected because I have a claim with someone else right now with the same documentation & it has been taking forever.

- Rebecca from FL

When my wife got sick & had to have surgery, we got a doctor's order that she couldn’t go. We filed the claim with them which took two weeks to go through & they approved it.

- Harvey from CA

I’ve had many, many policies through them…They have always been very easy to deal with. I always get a person & they settle the claim without hassle.

- Joy from FL

We have used them twice on our last two trips & it's been terrific. They were great when I made the claim over the internet. I would certainly use them again.

- Elizabeth from MI

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