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Partner Insurance Solutions

Welcome to the world of Aegis Insurance and our Go Ready Products for Travel and Events. Long before we were recognized as a top insurer by media companies like CNN, USA Today, Forbes, & others, our focus has always been on partnerships. Put simply, this includes:

  • Analyzing our partner’s client demographics
  • Customizing insurance products for those customers
  • Understanding our partner’s distribution points
  • Embedding insurance in those pathways to mitigate risk for their buyers
  • Personalizing all service points for efficiency and, when needed, brand continuity

Optimizing conversion to maximize our partner’s revenue Our proprietary technology allows us to be nimble and adaptable. API capabilities provide automation of issuing, modifying, and canceling policies.

Our claims systems enable insureds a simple process including online apps in lieu of claim forms and smartphone photos for backup documentation. More traditional approaches via phone and email are always available as well.

Our Specialty Insurance Solutions

Stay Ready

Insurance by Aegis

Customized Travel Insurance plans created specifically for Hotel and Resort guests.

  • Flexible Options: Choose from a range of flexible coverage options to match unique needs of your guests
  • Boost RevPAR: Optimize conversion rates and revenue per available room through a commission-based business model
  • 24/7 Assistance: Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to provide prompt assistance for any concerns or emergencies

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Go Ready

Event Ticket Cancellation
Insurance by Aegis

Empower your customers with peace of mind—introduce our Event Ticket Cancellation Insurance, a game-changer for protection and confidence in every ticket purchase.

  • Boost Ticket Sales: Give attendees confidence with protection, resulting in higher ticket conversion rates
  • Unlock Additional Revenue: Ticketing companies can increase their earnings by providing clients with insurance options, earning commissions on policy sales
  • Seamless Integration: Easily incorporate our insurance into your platform with a straightforward and user-friendly implementation process

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