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Aegis Exclusive & Most Popular Assistance Services

Aegis assists our clients with information and recommendations on which program is best suited for their needs based on frequency of travel, destination(s), and home airport(s). Aegis helps our clients enroll and set up interviews (when necessary) for the appropriate program(s) including PreCheck, Global Entry, and/or CLEAR. Aegis does not guarantee that the individual will pass the interview process.

Medical Assistance

Our multi-lingual team operates within a best-practice framework that places your health and wellbeing at the heart of our decision-making. Our care includes 24/7 emergency assistance and medical case management and extends to vaccination support, medical assessments, counseling, and mobile telemedicine. We also provide information on local medical facilities, clinics, and other service providers.

Medical Consultation & Monitoring

If you become seriously ill or injured, we will provide medical monitoring of your condition. All medical cases are reviewed by our medical case management team at inception of the claim.  All cases are risk rated for visibility and determine the number of contacts made to the treating physician and to you and your family.  Medical monitoring is performed to ensure the appropriate level of care is provided and to determine the next steps within a case (i.e. if repatriation or evacuation is required).

Medical Evacuation

If you require medical attention of an emergency nature that is not available locally and determined to be medically necessary, you may be transported to a qualified facility capable of stabilizing and/or treating your medical needs. Our assistance provider will make arrangements for ground/air transportation and accompanying medical care as needed.

Emergency Medical Payments

In order to avoid out-of-pocket expenses, our assistance provider can deal directly with the facility to arrange for the bills to be sent to the appropriate insurance carrier.  If treatment or discharge is being denied without a deposit, our assistance team can arrange for the deposit by debiting a credit card or receiving a bank wire from either the eligible insured person or other party.  Responsibility for these payments will depend on the coverage in your policy.

Emergency Cash Transfer

With satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement, our assistance provider can arrange Western Union transfers for the emergency advancing of cash in the case of a medical emergency or theft/burglary.

Travel Document and Ticket Replacement

Our assistance team provides 24/7 support and guidance for local Embassies, consulates for replacement of passports and visas, whether lost or stolen. They offer 24-hour support for customers who require assistance with re-booking their travel arrangements in the event of a loss. This includes assistance with flight and hotel reservations, as well as cancellation and/or re-booking of accommodations.

Pre-Trip Travel Services (24-hour information, help, advice)

  1. Passport and visa information
  2. Requirements and replacement
  3. Travel health information or advisories
  4. Vaccine recommendations and requirements
  5. Government agency contact information (i.e. embassies, consulates, and other departments or agencies)
  6. Weather and currency information

Aegis’s Traditional Assistance & Concierge Services

Airport Parking

Aegis is able to assist and recommend offsite-airport parking services specifically geared toward the business traveler with: Online reservations, Pet boarding, Car washing & detailing, and more. Aegis helps by providing our clients with location information (including directions if needed) as well as the available services for the facility of their choice.  

Hotel Accommodations

When accommodations are needed, Aegis is pleased to offer recommendations and information on hotels worldwide along with booking reservations.

Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations

Aegis is able to assist our clients with information and recommendations on restaurants worldwide. Aegis can also book reservations if requested. 

Travel Reservation Services

In the event of an emergency, Aegis can assist in making emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, and car rental reservations.

Event Ticketing

Aegis can assist our clients with procuring tickets to sporting events, theater, or concert events worldwide as long as the tickets are available for purchase.  

Trip Destination Profiles

Aegis can provide information on every country in the world and over 200 cities worldwide including information on local entertainment, suggested itineraries, and health advisories to help our travelers create the ultimate travel experience.  

Message Services

Our assistance provider offers both emergency messaging services as well as emergency translation.

Prescription Assistance

Our assistance provider will arrange the replacement of medications that are lost, stolen or spoiled during a Covered Trip, either locally or by special courier. Responsibility for the cost of those items will depend on the coverage in your policy.

Support Services

Assist with arrangements to notify credit card/financial institutions and conferencing customers from out-of-country regions directly into their personal insurance call centers to facilitate notifications for claims

Language Interpretation Services

Our assistance providers agents are bilingual or multi-lingual offering services in over twenty-five (25) languages. For any languages not spoken in our call center, our assistance provider has contracted individuals to assist with professional translation and interpretation, which are available 24 hours a day, as required.

24 Hour Legal Assistance

Legal referral – Our assistance provider can assist you in locating a lawyer in the area in which you are traveling. Where possible, the referred lawyer will be able to speak your native language.

Advance of bail – Our assistance provider can facilitate a bail advance up to $5,000 in bail funds, where permitted by law, with satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement.

Dependent Transportation & Family Visits

Depending on the coverage provided in your policy, our assistance provider can arrange for the return home and escort expenses of a minor (age 18 or younger) if s/he is left unattended on a Covered Trip due to hospitalization or death of the accompanying adult. If the policy provides coverage, our assistance provider will arrange transportation for a person the Insured chooses to visit him/her if the Insured is traveling alone and hospitalized 7 days or more.

Repatriationof Remains

If the need arises in the event of death, we liaise with our panel of reputable providers, to arrange transport burial and cremations, or the careful return of mortal remains.

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