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GoReady’s Exclusive & Most Popular Assistance Services

Express Airport Security Assistance

GoReady assists our clients with information and recommendations on which program is best suited for their needs based on frequency of travel, destination(s), and home airport(s). GoReady helps our clients enroll and set up interviews (when necessary) for the appropriate program(s) including PreCheck, Global Entry, and/or CLEAR. GoReady does not guarantee that the individual will pass the interview process.

Identity Theft

We are able to assist our clients in the unfortunate event of personal identity theft by contracting the services of a specialized agency who will order and review credit bureau records on their behalf; investigate financial accounts where identity theft is suspected; assist in the cancellation of credit/debit cards to prevent additional harm; give access to emergency cash if the victim’s financial accounts were forced to be closed; and review account activity to identify any suspicious activities.

Lost Luggage

GoReady assists with the return of lost luggage through coordinated efforts with any commercial carrier, from advising on how to obtain lost baggage claim number to delivery at your destination.

Pre-Trip Services

GoReady assists our clients with the following standard travel information to ensure a smooth pre-planning experience and trip readiness:

  1. Passport and visa requirements including information on how to obtain these documents
  2. Travel advisories
  3. Foreign currency exchange rates
  4. Inoculation and immunization requirements
  5. Temperature and weather information
  6. Address and telephone number of the nearest consulate or embassy
  7. Cultural and other events

Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations

GoReady is able to assist our clients with information and recommendations on restaurants worldwide. GoReady can also book reservations if requested. 

Smartphone Travel Applications

GoReady provides recommendations and instructions for the top smartphone apps that best suit our client’s device(s), needs and/or destination. These applications can provide streamlined GPS access to restaurant, destination, event, and attraction information. They may also assist with easily receiving service from taxi or transportation providers or getting status updates on flight information. Other apps help with currency exchange rate information, translation services, navigating airports (including finding lounges), and weather information. Recommendations on additional features and services are also available.

GoReady’s Traditional Assistance & Concierge Services

Airport Parking

GoReady is able to assist and recommend offsite-airport parking services specifically geared toward the business traveler with: Online reservations, Pet boarding, Car washing & detailing, and more. GoReady helps by providing our clients with location information (including directions if needed) as well as the available services for the facility of their choice.  

Airport Transfers

Shared-ride airport shuttle service, providing door-to-door ground transportation with domestic and international airports. If private transfers are requested, we will arrange those on our traveler’s behalf.  

Event Ticketing

GoReady can assist our clients with procuring tickets to sporting events, theater, or concert events worldwide as long as the tickets are available for purchase.  

Eyeglasses/Contact Lens Replacement

GoReady can assist our clients with the service to receive the eyeglasses and/or contact lenses that they need for continuing their trip.  

Floral Services

GoReady can assist with the purchase and shipment of flowers and gift baskets to friends, family members, and business associates.  

Funerary Repatriation

In the unfortunate event of demise of our traveler, GoReady can assist with organizing the funerary repatriation including administrative procedures and transportation to the resident country.  

Hotel Accommodations

When accommodations are needed, GoReady is pleased to offer recommendations and information on hotels worldwide along with booking reservations.  

Legal Related Services

GoReady can assist with the following legal related services for our travelers, upon request: providing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of lawyers in the area in which the traveler is in the event of an incident; notifying the proper embassy or consulate of the traveler’s situation if needed, continued communication with the traveler and other designated parties throughout, and other services requiring support.  

Medical Assistance Follow-up

In case of an accident or sickness, GoReady will monitor the development of the mentioned event, to make sure the correct procedures are followed until the event is finalized. GoReady will also provide the service of communicating any updates to our traveler, as well as the traveler’s family, until the medical problem is resolved or stabilized.  

Medical Repatriation

In the event that due to serious injury or accident medical repatriation is needed, GoReady can assist with coordinating all aspects of returning our injured client to his/her usual country of residence by regular airline or air ambulance (accompanied by doctor or nurse, if required).  

Medications Replacement

GoReady can locate the medication our clients need in case they lose or forget it at some point during the trip.  

Medical Transfers

In case of an emergency, GoReady will arrange for the transfer of our client to the nearest medical facility for him/her to receive medical attention.  

Return Of Elderly

If a client travels with one or more elders and he/she cannot be in charge of accompanying these persons due to illness or accident occurred during the trip, then GoReady will assist with organizing the transfer of a relative, so that he/she can accompany the traveler(s) to his/her place of permanent residence.   

Return Of Minor

Should our client be traveling as the only companion of children under the age of 15 and become unable to take care of the children due to an illness or an accident occurring during the trip, GoReady will arrange for a relative to accompany the children back to their permanent place of residence.

Transfer Of A Relative During Times of Need

GoReady is able to assist our clients if they are hospitalized abroad or in other times of need with making the arrangements for a relative to travel to the client to accompany them.  

Translation Services

Immediate, ‘on-the-spot’ translation services available 24/7 in a variety of languages, including basic document translation. GoReady also offers referrals when needed to interpreter services.  

Travel Reservation Services

In the event of an emergency, GoReady can assist in making emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel, and car rental reservations.  

Trip Destination Profiles

GoReady can provide information on every country in the world and over 200 cities worldwide including information on local entertainment, suggested itineraries, and health advisories to help our travelers create the ultimate travel experience.  

Urgent Messaging Service

In the event of an emergency, GoReady can use its best efforts and multiple platforms to transmit an urgent message for our travelers to their family, friends, and/or business associates.

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