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Travel Insurance - Pre-Existing Medical

You are at a higher risk of needing medical intervention when you have a pre-existing condition while traveling. Travel insurance with  pre-existing conditions covers medical expenses incurred while you vacation domestically or internationally. in another country. Here is all you need to know about travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.  

Does Travel Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Before understanding the scope of travel insurance, pre-existing medical conditions need a proper definition. A pre-existing condition is an ailment or injury a person seeking insurance has before or when their health care plan goes into effect. Commonly declared conditions before applying for travel insurance include cancer, diabetes, Chron’s disease, cardiovascular illnesses, asthma, cystic fibrosis, allergies, back pain, and joint issues.

Travel insurance with pre-existing conditions covers medical expenses when you need medical services in transit and during your vacation if you have pre-existing medical conditions. It also provides added protection in case of trip cancellation because of sickness. Furthermore, for pre-existing medical conditions, travel insurance also covers disabilities and injuries that increase a person’s need for medical services.

Travel insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions. Insurers have a look-back period, a recent snapshot of your medical history, typically between 60 and 180 days. The only conditions considered to be pre-existing are ones that have been treated within that timeframe before purchasing their policy. However, if that time period has been free of any doctor’s visits, treatments, or procedures, including cancer (controlled or in remission), back and joint issues, and other medical conditions, they are not considered pre-existing for the purpose of travel insurance.

Thankfully, travelers can get a waiver for their pre-existing conditions that lets them recoup expenses from nonrefundable travel reservations if they were forced to cancel or interrupt their trips due to a flare-up of their pre-existing condition. In addition, the pre-existing condition waiver will allow their benefits to cover emergency medical costs including evacuations as well as travel expenses if they have to leave the trip prematurely.

How Do You Get a Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Condition Waiver?

The waiver of pre-existing medical conditions only applies if you qualify for it. Therefore, there are no extra costs for someone to acquire it, nor is it an option in your travel insurance plan. The travel insurance pre-existing medical condition waiver is a feature in comprehensive travel policies, and each insurance policy has its own qualification requirements. 

Aegis Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

Most Aegis Insurance policies provide medical and travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions if you purchase the policy within 14 days of your initial trip payment. The traveler should pay the initial deposit and meet other requirements for their health condition and trip. The look-back period is between 90-180 days depending on the Aegis plan purchased.

For Aegis Insurance, you can acquire the pre-existing condition insurance waiver if you purchase the coverage before or within 24 hours of your last trip payment. As with all travel insurance plans, you should have the medical ability to travel when buying the policy. 

Aegis Insurance does not require medical underwriting for your pre-existing condition. For many insurers, medical underwriting is a letter and proof of ailment provided by your physician to the insurer. The insurer ascertains the validity of the information through their medical experts before you get qualified for the policy.

Thankfully, with Aegis Insurance plans you only need to:

  • Purchase the policy within 14 days of your initial trip payment on most plans 
  • Be medically fit to travel on the day you purchase your policy

Other Travel Insurance Companies

For other companies, the pre-existing medical condition travel insurance waiver comes with plenty of additional requirements. The processes are time-consuming and may make your preparation more burdensome. Medical underwriting is costly and requires extra time to process and verify the information.

Travel insurance can also befoul travel timelines with their requirements. There is a short period for handing documents, verification, and payment. Any delays can have a ripple effect on your travel itinerary. Choose a policy provider that does not burden you with requirements while planning to travel. A little goes a long way in identifying and determining pre-existing conditions.

Travel Insurance for Disabled Travelers

Insurance with pre-existing conditions also includes traveling with a disability. Therefore, stating your disability to your insurance agent so they can help you choose the right policy is vital. For example, you may need to travel with a mobility aid or other medical equipment. You may also need medical attention while in transit or at your travel destination.  

Air traveling reservations should not only apply to the young and fit. Elderly adults with disabilities should travel too. Some travel insurance also covers travel for disabled seniors. The policy accommodates the risks and medical requirements for the elderly. The coverage enables disabled seniors to travel without fear, knowing their insurance covers most risks during transit and at their destination.

Despite laws and regulations against discrimination, disabled travelers brace themselves for ill-treatment in many travel destinations. Disabled travelers also face a lot of discrimination and accommodation difficulties. Travel insurance is a form of disability travel support that eases the financial burden of disability travel.

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