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Best Cruise Lines for Young Adults

Millennials tend to be more interested in impactful experiences than material things. As a result, cruising was associated with older, seasoned adults, but that has since changed. There are cruise lines nowadays that cater to young adults — and we’ve compiled a list of them here.

This blog will discuss why these cruise lines are easily differentiated from those geared toward older adults and families. We will also discuss the kinds of experiences young adults like to have on these trips, from hot tubs to pubs and cultural outings. Next, we’ll compare and contrast these activities with traditional cruise activities. Then, we’ll discuss specific cruises from our pick of all-inclusive cruise lines, easiest on the wallet, and distinct geographical areas.

Wrapping up, we’ll point to the key insights we’ve formulated in the article and highlight an affordable and highly beneficial insurance option for young adults to take advantage of when cruising.

What Factors Go into Ranking the Best Cruise Lines for Young Adults?

There are several factors that young adults are seeking when planning a cruise adventure. These factors are rooted in their yearning for experiences, including entertainment, drinking, dining, cultural outings, action, adventure, cultural education, dating, and more. 


One of the standard things that most extroverted young adults enjoy across the board is a vibrant nightlife scene. Nighttime is when they let loose from a hard day’s work and chill over a beer, dance the night away, or – in contrast – join a book group discussion with some red wine or a virgin mojito. It’s, therefore, essential for cruise lines to include plenty of available experiences for these jaunty adventurers.


The bigger cruise ships are like mini-cities. They have exquisite offerings that range from virtual concerts to dance classes to casinos and unique nightclubs and bars. Royal Caribbean is one cruise line we’ll mention below that’s particularly conducive to young adults and their interests.

Drinking and Dining

In contrast to older adults who might prefer upscale restaurants, millennials are more interested in modernity. When choosing a cruise, young adults look for restaurants that reflect this, for example, modern renditions of cultural dishes found in the places they visit.

As many young adults these days are vegan or vegetarian, cruise lines with these dining options are prevalent. Having more budget-friendly options is also a plus in the spirit of the casual and free-spirited. As a result, cruise lines started investing in modernity. Some cruise ships even have robot servers and other cutting-edge technology in their dining areas!

Regarding drinking, bars, pubs, and lounges is the standard. Many cruise ships offer local wines and beers; the styles range from casual and laid-back to elegant and refined. Like other groups in different age brackets, young adults don’t have basic tastes, and their interests vary widely.

Exploring Local Cultures

Young adults tend to enjoy discovering new things. They want to be at the heart of the action, so when cruise ships dock, they’re off to explore. Cultural activities they like involve hiking, kayaking, exploring local markets, touring exciting and daring locations, and much more.

Best Cruise Lines for Young Adults by Type

There are many options for young adults to choose from in terms of cruise lines and ships. Below, we’ll explain these different options and how young adults’ styles, proclivities, and agendas fit into them.

Best Party Cruises for Younger People

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines are an excellent option for young adults who like to party. They’re festive, have a vibrant nightlife, and have places like a Tiki Bar, a Havana Bar and Pool, the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat, and more.

Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a unique ship called the Norwegian Breakaway; it’s for the active and particularly daring person. This ship is action-packed with activities, including a three-story sports complex replete with a rope course, basketball court, and climbing wall.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean, one of the largest cruise lines in the world, is also known for being particularly engaging for young adults. Some of their ships also include climbing walls but go beyond just sports to have robotic servers, simulated surfing, a variety of entertainment venues, and modern nightclubs.

All-Inclusive Cruises for Young Adults

Tauck Cruises

With guided sightseeing and a deep connection to local cultures, Tauck Cruises have it all. Their land tours are second to none and include in-depth cultural explorations of large geographical areas such as Asia, Africa, and New Zealand.


A small-boat-specializing cruise line, UnCruise features adventure and excitement like no other. From swimming with the fish in Hawaii to expeditions in the wilderness in Prince William Sound, UnCruise redefines cruising for the modern young adult.

Best Cruises for Single Young Adults

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ cruises have designed-for-one cabins, and the host of options they provide for nightlife and entertainment makes them especially conducive for singles looking to attract someone special.

Carnival Panorama

Carnival Panorama is a cruise line specializing in fun is what makes this line popular. This ship hosts several activities geared towards attracting young, single adults, like cooking classes where you can learn how to make sushi. These activities are what singles enjoy most, and it is one of the most effective methods of socializing.

Best Cheap Cruise Lines for Young Adults

MSC Caribbean Cruises

MSC Caribbean Cruises specializes in one word: deals. They offer various packages and specials to entice young adults to “escape to the sea.” These deals include complimentary drinks and WiFi, the lowest cruise rates, and more.

Costa Mediterranean Cruises

Immediately upon entering their website, Costa Mediterranean Cruises offers specials and deals. These include discounts of up to 20% on cruises and up to 50% onboard their ships.

Young couple traveling  on a cruise vacation

Best Cruises for Young Couples

Viking Ocean Cruises

These ships are small, romantic, intimate, and designed for couples. They can dock and spend a good deal of time at every port, making the adventure feel longer and more memorable for all those onboard.

Paul Gaugin’s French Polynesia Cruises

Paul Gaugin’s French Polynesia Cruises is another small-ship company specializing in “cruising with purpose.” With the intent of providing intimate, enjoyable, and meaningful experiences for passengers, they’re also perfect for young couples looking to maximize their time at different locales.

Go Ready Cruise Insurance by Aegis General

Many cruise lines and cruise ship options are available for young adults — from affordable to intimate, sports-oriented to vibrant-nightlife-equipped.

Cruise ship insurance is paramount to ensure safe and stress-free experiences on and off the ship. Aegis’s insurance plan is tailor-made to guarantee that safety and success. It’s a plan for passengers with high coverage limits, those with a history of extended medical issues, individuals looking for comprehensive single-trip coverage, and those who are voyaging to islands far from home.

The plan includes a trip interruption, medical evacuation and repatriation, travel delay, and rental car coverages.  

Stress less and enjoy more with Aegis, and if you’re a young adult looking to get the most out of your time, check out one of our recommended cruises today!

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