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Family Travel Insurance Guide [with FAQ]

Whether you’re going on a family vacation or want a much-needed weekend getaway, travel insurance is essential for any family. Before booking your trip, it’s important to know what kind of coverage you need — and how much it’ll cost you. Vacation travel insurance is a great way to protect your trip from unexpected events. From flight delays to lost luggage and more, you never know what could go wrong when you’re on vacation.

Travel insurance plans help to protect your investment in a trip by covering expenses such as medical incidents, lost baggage, and trip cancellations. The cost of travel insurance can vary depending on your trip’s value and the traveler’s age. Typically, the cost is five to seven percent of the value of your trip. In addition to the cost of travel insurance, there may be a deductible or co-pay associated with each claim.

Who is Covered Under a Family Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel coverage can be for one person or multiple people. Your family’s size and travel needs will determine what coverage is best for you. For example, if you have a large family, it makes sense to consider a family travel insurance plan that protects everyone at once. If you’re vacationing with your little ones, purchasing travel insurance for children is a good idea. These plans cover your kids if they’re injured or become sick while traveling with you. It can also assist if they lose personal belongings during the trip.

Getting family travel insurance that covers everyone is a smart idea if you have multiple people traveling together. This will save you money and make it easier to coordinate your coverage if there’s an emergency while you’re away. In most instances, you can cover most pre-existing medical conditions with travel insurance. However, some insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, depending on when you purchase your plan.

What Should a Family Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

The best family travel insurance plans have to cover a lot of ground. Many things can go wrong on a trip, from the simple (like the weather) to the more complex (like COVID). However, if you’re smart about it and look for a plan that covers everything, you won’t have to worry about being left out in the cold when something goes wrong. You’ll also want to consider whether you need medical evacuation coverage. If something befalls you on your trip, this service can transport you from your current location to the closest medical facility. Once you are stable and fit to travel, Trip Interruption coverage can get you back home.  This is especially important if you have pre-existing conditions and are considering a lengthy or international trip.

When your trip is unexpectedly cut short due to health reasons or other situations listed in the policy, most plans will reimburse, most policies will reimburse up to 100% of the cost of non-refundable hotel reservations, car rentals, and other expenses related to the trip. You may also be able to reschedule your trip under certain conditions, especially with travel insurance for kids. To ensure your family is protected, read the fine print of your family’s international insurance policy and choose one that covers the activities you want to do while on vacation.  

Family travel insurance coverage plans can cover lost luggage, missed connections, and other travel issues.

What Types of Travel Insurance Should You Consider?

Travel insurance for families helps protect your entire group from unexpected expenses during your vacation. It covers lost or stolen luggage, travel delays due to weather or mechanical issues with planes, cruise ships, and trains, emergency medical bills (including transportation), and more. For instance, many families enjoy taking trips for outdoor activities, such as skiing. So having the right policy for your family ski travel insurance is crucial, especially if you participate in winter sports or have children who are learning to ski.

There are two main types of travel insurance: annual and single-trip. Annual family travel insurance policies are more expensive, but they cover you for all kinds of domestic or international travel. You’ll have to pay for the entire group’s coverage at once, but it may still be cheaper than buying several single-trip policies. If you’re planning to travel multiple times in the same year, worldwide family travel insurance may be worth it. Single-trip policies only cover one trip. They’re cheaper than annual policies, but if you plan to take another trip within the year, you’ll need to purchase another policy.

FAQ - Family Travel Insurance

Does travel insurance cover cancellation due to a death in the family?

Most travel insurance will reimburse you for your pre-paid trip expenses if you cancel a trip because of a family member’s death. Your travel insurance may also reimburse you for your unused pre-paid costs if you have to interrupt your trip and return home due to a family death.

Does travel insurance cover a family illness?

Your travel insurance coverage will continue on your trip if you or someone in your party has to leave the trip due to an injury, illness, or covered situation happening back at home. When you go on family trips, make sure the plan you buy has good Medical and Dental coverage, emergency assistance, and transportation coverage. The more of these benefits your plan offers, the better it will be.

Does family travel insurance cover a Disney trip?

Luckily, many different types of travel insurance will cover various aspects of a Disney trip. For example, suppose you are concerned about potentially canceling your trip. With “cancel for any reason” coverage, you can be reimbursed a significant percentage of your trip’s cost.

Does family travel insurance cover cruises?

There are huge differences between cruise insurance policies—and not every policy covers every type of event. That’s why it always pays to read the fine print in a travel insurance policy before you purchase it to know what you’re getting in advance.

Does travel insurance cover a family emergency?

Every insurance policy has different eligibility requirements for your family members; generally, the factors covered should be up-front and clearly defined when purchasing the plan. You can always reach out to Aegis with questions about policies and coverage.   

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