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Why Do You Need Annual Ski Travel Insurance When Hitting the Slopes?

Are you an avid skier who loves to hit the slopes every winter? Whether it’s a weekend trip or a week-long getaway, you should consider investing in annual ski travel insurance.

What is Annual Ski Travel Insurance?

Annual travel insurance for skiing is a policy that offers coverage for any unforeseen circumstances related to your ski and snowboarding trips. In addition, it provides financial protection in case of medical emergencies or other unexpected events that arise while on a ski vacation.

This type of insurance is designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders. It differs from a standard travel insurance policy that usually covers general trips, such as sightseeing excursions or beach holidays.

Travel insurance for skiing takes into account all the essential aspects associated with winter sports activities, such as:

  • Cover for medical expenses
  • Lost luggage
  • Repatriation costs
  • and more

Of course, no one plans to get injured or have their equipment getting damaged during transport by the airline is covered. That’s why it’s so important to have adequate travel insurance for skiing before you head off for your winter vacation.

Benefits of Annual Ski Travel Insurance

Having an annual ski travel insurance policy offers several benefits. Here are some of the most important ones:

Financial Protection

The main benefit of travel insurance for skiing is financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances that may arise on a ski trip. This coverage includes medical expenses, lost luggage, repatriation costs, etc.

Peace of Mind

Skiing can be hazardous, so you must protect yourself financially in case of an accident. With ski travel insurance, you will have the assurance that your finances are covered if something unforeseen happens while on this journey – from a collision to damaged equipment.


With an annual policy, you don’t need to worry about taking out a new policy every time you go skiing. Instead, you’ll have the same policy year after year, so you enjoy your vacation without worrying about sorting out insurance.

Consequently, annual ski travel insurance is necessary for any winter traveler. By taking the time to find the right policy, you can ensure you’re fully covered. Aegis Insurance offers ski travel insurance policies to suit the needs of any skier or snowboarder. You can get comprehensive coverage for all your winter trips and save money with our multi-trip annual rates.

Skiing couple enjoying their trip with ski travel insurance.

How to Choose the Right Annual Ski Travel Insurance Policy

When choosing an annual ski travel insurance policy, it’s essential to look at the coverage types and limits offered. The right policy should cover medical expenses, lost luggage, repatriation, and travel delays.

Check what’s covered and what’s excluded from your chosen policy. Furthermore, you should also consider any deductibles and premiums associated with the policy, as these can impact your overall costs.

Finally, understand any exclusions that may apply to your chosen ski travel insurance policy. For example, Aegis’s policies will exclude the following:

  • Snow skiing and snowboarding outside marked trails
  • Heli-skiing
  • Heli-snowboarding
  • Heli-snowmobiling
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Backcountry snowboarding
  • Backcountry snowmobiling

Following these simple tips and comparing different policies, you can find an annual ski travel insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

Aegis General Annual Ski Travel Insurance

At Aegis, our annual travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for skiers and snowboarders who frequently travel to ski resorts. Our plans offer a range of features such as medical expenses, lost luggage, repatriation costs, and more.

You can save money with our multi-trip annual rates. Check out Aegis’s annual multi-trip preferred plan is ideal for those looking to protect their vacation investment in case of cancellation or travel delays. Aegis’s annual primary multi-trip plan is perfect for those seeking Primary Emergency Medical insurance. Ensure you’re adequately protected before hitting the slopes!

Annual Ski Travel Insurance FAQ

Is annual ski travel insurance worth it?

Absolutely. It provides financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances that may arise while on the slopes. When traveling with skis, you’ll also be covered financially in case of an accident or damage to your equipment.

What does ski travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for skiing typically covers medical expenses, repatriation costs, lost luggage, and some expenses arising from travel delays, such as accommodations & meals.

What is the difference between ski insurance and snowboarding insurance?

The difference is some policies may provide additional coverage for skiing activities, whereas others will offer more coverage for snowboarding activities.

Does annual ski travel insurance cover off-piste skiing?

It depends, some policies may provide coverage for off-piste skiing, but this should be clarified before taking out a policy.

Is medical evacuation covered under annual ski travel insurance?

Yes, most policies will provide coverage for medical evacuation costs. However, checking the limits and exclusions before taking out a policy is essential, as some may have lower limits than others.

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