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Do You Need Travel Insurance for Your Hawaii Cruise?

From the black-sand beaches of Maui and white-sand beaches of Oahu to the miles of crystal blue waters and lush greenery that lie between, it’s obvious why visiting Hawaii is on most travelers’ bucket lists. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast looking for new destinations, a tourist seeking must-see attractions, or an avid cruiser planning an island getaway, a Hawaii cruise can check every box — and then some. 

With eight major volcanic islands and dozens of small islets, a cruise to Hawaii offers tons of port cities for travelers to explore. As you gear up for a Hawaii cruise, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the must-visit attractions on each island, as well as the potential excursions that may be in store.

Take a look at itinerary insights and tips from Aegis Insurance to maximize your Hawaii cruise safely and securely. 

Understanding Hawaii Cruise Travel Insurance

Before we dive into the wonders of Hawaii cruise ships and all that awaits in the Pacific Ocean, let’s talk about travel insurance for your upcoming trip. Is it a good idea to buy cruise insurance, and should you get travel insurance for your Hawaii trip? The answer to both questions is yes. Hawaii cruise insurance is wise to protect passengers from unexpected hurdles in the travel experience.

Cruise insurance is developed specifically for the complexities of traveling by sea, so it includes benefits like missed port of call protection, baggage delay coverage, and medical and emergency assistance. The Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis, for instance, has been designed with built-in trip cancellation and interruption coverage, as well as attractive Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) upgrades.

Cruise travel insurance can protect you from fronting your own money in the case of an unexpected event, such as a missed connection, and provide medical care — or even an emergency medical evacuation — if you are injured on a Hawaii cruise. However, it’s important to understand that there are certain exceptions or limitations in what the average insurance plan covers, such as: 

  • Professional participation in athletic events as well as participation in organized amateur or interscholastic sports or athletic competitions and related practice events 
  • Participation in certain extreme sports as listed in your policy’s Description of Coverage, such as bungee jumping, cliff diving, hang gliding, and parasailing
  • Participation in underwater activities, including scuba diving, where the water depth exceeds 75 feet or more 

The Allure of Hawaii Cruises

If you’ve felt like more friends and family have embarked on a cruise to Hawaii recently, you’re not wrong. As per the year-to-date September 2023 quick facts, the Hawaii Tourism Authority reports that nearly 96,000 visitors arrived from 43 out-of-state cruise ships alone last year. Hawaiian cruises have skyrocketed in popularity as a means to explore as many of the state’s scenic islands at once. 

Most Hawaii cruise lines visit four of the eight major islands, including Maui and Oahu. Because Hawaii can be an expensive vacation destination, many travelers feel they get more bang for their buck by splurging on a cruise rather than separately scheduling island lodging and meals. Plus, the excursion counter onboard most cruise ships allows travelers to skip the line when planning island adventures. 


Exploring the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaii Tourism Authority estimates that there will be 22 cruise lines visiting the Hawaiian Islands in 2024. Whether you’re seeking an adults-only cruise or a family-friendly trip through the islands, here are the most popular Hawaiian Islands to explore, along with which port cities to visit based on your preferences for leisure, adventure activities, cultural experiences, or historical sites.


Oahu (spelled traditionally as O’ahu) is referred to as ‘the Gathering Place,’ mainly because it’s home to the state capital, Honolulu. While Oahu is just the third-largest Hawaiian Island, Honolulu is the largest city in all of Hawaii, making it the primary port city for many cruise lines. It’s also the perfect cruise trip for history enthusiasts, as several popular attractions have major historical significance: 

  • Waikīkī Beach is the first stop for many travelers on Hawaiian island cruises, offering two miles of white-sand beaches and vibrant surf neighborhoods. 
  • Diamond Head State Monument (Lē’ahi) is one of 15 volcanoes comprising the eight central Hawaiian Islands and is estimated to be 150,000 years old.
  • Pearl Harbor remains an active military base and the Headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, where tourists can pay their respects at the National Memorial.


Maui is the second-most populous island and another popular stop along Hawaiian Island cruises. Maui offers several leisure and relaxation destinations, including one of its many beaches, which range from white, red, and black sand. There are also tons of adventure-focused destinations, whether it’s taking a scenic hike, enjoying a relaxed bike ride, or leaping into waterfalls in these spots: 

  • Haleakala National Park is home to the island’s highest volcanic peak and is known as one of the most beautiful locations to watch the sunrise.
  • Road to Hana (Hana Highway) takes tourists deeper into the jungle through more than 600 twists and turns, taking two hours and 40 minutes without stops.
  • Honokalani Beach is Maui’s most famous black-sand beach in Waianapanapa State Park, which houses historic temples and stone arches. 

Big Island (Hawai’i)

Big Island refers to the island of Hawai’i, where the state of Hawaii gains its name. Despite being the youngest island in the chain, Hawai’i is nearly twice as big as all the other islands combined, which is why this popular Hawaii cruise destination gets the nickname ‘Big Island.’ If you’re seeking aquatic adventures or lush scenery, the Big Island has multiple beach, state, and national parks to explore:

  • Volcanoes National Park is home to two of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa, which reach a towering 13,680 feet high.
  • Kahalu’u Beach Park is the most popular snorkeling spot on the Big Island, known for its readily available surfing classes and calm waters. 
  • Akaka Falls State Park features the breathtaking Akaka Falls, a 442-foot-tall waterfall where the popular movie “Avatar” was partially filmed.


Kauai (spelled traditionally as Kaua’i) is commonly called the Garden Isle, and for a good reason. The majority of this Hawaiian island is largely rural and undeveloped, creating sweeping scenery of dense foliage and lush jungles. While still incredibly picturesque for travelers seeking to relax, there are both romantic and adventure-focused destinations for tourists to explore on Kauai:

  • Waimea Canyon State Park is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, reaching 14 miles long and 3,000 feet deep with naturally deep red soil. 
  • Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park is beautiful at sunset when the sun begins to dip below the coastline and creates a romantic atmosphere. 
  • Kalalau Trail, declared one of the most dangerous in the United States, is an 11-mile-long hiking trail that runs from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Valley.

Purchasing a Go-Ready Cruise Plan for Your Hawaii Cruise

Now that excitement is building for your upcoming Hawaii cruise, you’re likely considering the logistical side of things, like when to purchase a travel insurance plan. You might ask, “Can I add Hawaii cruise insurance after booking?” The answer is a resounding yes! You can purchase Hawaii cruise insurance post-booking, though it’s wise to seek options outside of your cruise line. 

Consider the Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis, for example. While all Aegis plans will cover any type of vacation (including cruises), the Go Ready Cruise Plan has unique benefits for that trip type that most plans don’t offer. With built-in protections for unexpected complications, such as trip delays, the Go Ready Cruise Plan also offers additional upgrades, such as Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance, that offer the ultimate peace of mind. It even allows your Pre-Existing Conditions to be covered as long as you purchase the policy within 24 hours of your Final Payment (as opposed to within 14 days of your Initial Deposit, like most plans require). If you’re eager to begin cruising Hawaii, visit our plan comparison page to learn how to protect your upcoming trip.

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