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Travel Insurance for Your Alaska Cruise

100,000 glaciers, 750 hiking trails, 530 bird species — as the largest state in America, the tundras of Alaska have something for everybody to explore, particularly on an Alaska cruise. Of the 2.7 million travelers that visited Alaska last year, approximately 1.65 million arrived via cruise ship. This year, the addition of new ports of call and revised cruise itineraries are slated to bring a record number of visitors to Alaska.

What’s one thing most cruise passengers will bring along for this year’s trip through the icy waters of the Last Frontier? Alaska cruise travel insurance. Between the unpredictable weather and rock slides in port cities, as well as the unfamiliar activities at each destination, passengers are wise to gear up for an Alaska cruise with a reliable travel insurance plan. Here’s why travel insurance for an Alaska cruise is key. 

Understanding the Unique Challenges of an Alaska Cruise

Travelers spend an average of 8.5 nights in Alaska. Whether that time is spent snuggled in a stateroom, socializing on the ship deck, or savoring the sites in each port, there are inherent dangers when taking a cruise to Alaska. For instance, severe weather can strike at any time. While it can drop to -80℉ further inland, areas like Alyeska receive 178 inches of snow annually, potentially disrupting cruise itineraries. 

With extreme weather comes unpredictable natural disasters. Alaska is notorious for winter storms, sea storms, ice jams, and flooding, though earthquakes, landslides, and rock slides are also common. In fact, recurring rock slides in 2023 closed an Alaskan pier to cruise traffic for months. Not to mention, the remote nature of many destinations on an Alaska cruise drastically limits resources in the event of an accident or injury.

Coverage Options for Alaska Cruise Travel Insurance

So, do you need travel insurance on a cruise to Alaska? Better yet, do you need different travel insurance for a cruise? Yes, and yes. While travel insurance is important, Alaska cruise travel insurance is equipped with essential coverage areas that give passengers the ultimate peace of mind when sailing through the Last Frontier. Consider the following components of cruise insurance plans for your Alaska cruise. 

Trip Cancellation Protection

Trip cancellation protection is a type of travel insurance that will reimburse you 100% of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses should you cancel for one of the reasons listed in your policy’s Description of Coverage, such as the injury, sickness, or death of you or a family member. For most passengers on an Alaskan cruise, trip cancellation covers costs like flights to the port, hotel reservations, and prepaid cruise fares. 

Trip interruption coverage

Trip Interruption coverage will reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable expenses should your Alaskan cruise be interrupted once it leaves the port. This type of coverage often applies due to severe weather, natural disasters, flight delays or cancellations, and sickness or death. The Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis General provides 150% reimbursement of your unused insured trip cost and typically helps cover additional transportation fees. 

Baggage Protection

Baggage protection takes effect when passengers arrive from their flight or on a cruise ship but their personal items are delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen. While baggage protection is always important, it’s a must-have for trips like an Alaska glacier cruise, when losing layers of clothing could dramatically impact your ability to partake in prepaid excursions. The Go Ready Cruise Plan applies after a 24-hour baggage delay and includes one of the industry’s highest limits of $750 per person with no daily cap.

Itinerary Change Benefits

Itinerary change benefits cover prepaid, non-refundable activity expenses in the event that a travel provider alters your itinerary and you can no longer partake in the prepaid activity. Most cruise providers that sail through Alaska, such as Royal Caribbean, will not issue any refunds in the event of an unplanned itinerary change, whereas the Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis is designed with $250 of itinerary change coverage.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Emergency medical assistance is a vital component of Alaska cruise travel insurance due in part to the unpredictable terrain and the uncontrollable weather that can wreak havoc on and off the cruise ship. In the event of an accident or injury, it’s often necessary to helicopter passengers from the ship to the nearest land-based medical facility. To help shield you from exorbitant medical bills, the Go Ready Cruise Plan is equipped with high limits for medical assistance, including $250,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

Travel Delay Coverage

Last but certainly not least, travel delay coverage protects your cruise to Alaska from unnecessary expenses in the event of unforeseen weather conditions, flight complications, loss of travel documents, or similar unanticipated challenges on the way to and from the ship. The Go Ready Cruise Plan features a $250 per person daily limit to account for additional lodging, transportation, and meal fees caused by travel delays.

Wildlife Encounters and Adventure Activities

From endangered species like humpback whales to exhilarating activities like glacier hiking, Alaska is home to endless adventures for travelers. For those embarking on an Alaska cruise, whale watching is often at the top of the list for excursions. A number of whale species, including humpback, orca, and gray whales, can be spotted from various Alaskan destinations, namely Seward, Juneau, and Icy Strait Point.

However, certain Alaskan wildlife encounters can be dangerous. Aside from the natural predators that roam the coastline, excursions like glacier hiking and kayaking to view local fauna create risks for passengers on an Alaska cruise. Whether it’s a slip and fall that causes broken bones or hypothermia caused by cold conditions, travel insurance can provide coverage for unforeseen incidents during Alaskan adventures.

alaska cruise port of call

Popular Alaska Cruise Ports of Call

If you’re still unsure if you’ll need Alaska cruise travel insurance for your trip, it can be helpful to consider the potential ports of call you may be visiting. Take a look at the most popular ports on an Alaska cruise: 

  • Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, as well as one of the largest wilderness areas in the Last Frontier. With more than 250 miles of hiking trails and just 13 miles from Mendenhall Glacier, this port is ideal for more active cruise passengers. 
  • Skagway is rich in Alaskan history, featuring the historic district of the Klondike Gold Rush and several museums for those interested in learning the area’s origins. It’s also jam-packed with restaurants and shops for passengers to snag a souvenir.
  • Glacier Bay National Park is not exactly a port of call but rather a popular pathway for an Alaska cruise. Rather than dock in Glacier Bay, cruise ships spend a full day sailing through it, bringing on a Park Ranger to discuss the rugged landscape. 

Buying Alaska Cruise Travel Insurance from Aegis

Millions of travelers are slated to take an Alaska cruise this year, and if you’re reading this, you’re likely joining them. So, should you get Alaska travel insurance? The answer is a resounding yes! The Go Ready Cruise Plan has been designed with cruise passengers in mind, with high coverage limits for trip interruption (150% of insured trip cost), medical ($100,000), and medical evacuation ($250,000). 

If you’re seeking the best travel insurance for an Alaska cruise, compare Aegis cruise travel insurance plans today.

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