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What is Your Vacation Dream Destination When You Can Travel Again?

If the closest you’ve come to a natural wonder of the world recently has been the local grocery store, you’re not alone. The past two years have been a whirlwind of stay-at-home orders and closed borders — and, unsurprisingly, a stroll down the frozen food aisle hasn’t been anyone’s idea of a dream destination. So doesn’t a white-sand beach or quaint mountain village sound better instead?

Fortunately, after months of waiting and keeping yourself (and others!) safe, it’s finally time to move forward with those travel plans. Now that you can confidently explore the world again, what’s your dream destination? If the wealth of places to visit worldwide has you stumped, take a look at the most popular dream vacation destinations across the globe and what makes each special.

How do you pick your dream destination?

It can be challenging to decide on your dream destination, especially after being state-side for so long. Describe your dream destination to get a better sense of where you should jet-set to next. Is it warm or cold? Is it designed for families or better suited as an adults-only getaway? Consider the following questions and their related activities to find your dream destination around the world.

What activities do you like the best?

Activities can make or break a dream vacation — the only problem is every traveler has different preferences. Ask yourself (and your travel mates) if you’d prefer more outdoor activities, like a day trip to one of the natural wonders of the world or camping and canoeing. Perhaps your group would enjoy more theme parks, concerts, or local markets. Your desired activities can significantly influence your ultimate dream vacation destination, from sightseeing to shopping.

What types of food do you want to try?

No vacation is complete without delicious food. The only question is, what cuisine are you craving? Maybe the answer is authentic Italian food, with homemade pasta and creamy mozzarella di bufala, or aromatic Thai food, rich with curry and coconut milk. Decide if you want your fish caught fresh by the local coral reef in a steaming bouillabaisse stewed over two days or sliced into sashimi.

Do you like to immerse yourself in a new culture?

Every destination is abundant with culture, from language and cuisine to art and music. When you travel to your dream destination, would you prefer to immerse yourself in this culture, like tour national parks and visit local neighborhoods? Or, would you prefer to kick back in a luxury resort and stick with the tourism and family-friendly activities, like the hotel pool and lounge?

Do you like urban or rural locations?

Some travelers revel in the fast pace of the city, while others yearn for a bit of peace and quiet. So before booking your dream destination, consider if you’d prefer a more bustling urban area or the open spaces of a rural location. Just remember, urban areas tend to be more equipped with medical necessities, so you may want to purchase vacation insurance for more rural dream destinations.

Do you want to relax on vacation or experience as much as you can?

There are two types of travelers: those who prefer peaceful travel and those who crave adventure travel. As you decide on a dream destination, ask yourself if you’d rather relax on white-sand beaches and indulge in a massage or get your adrenaline rush from ziplining above a hiking trail.

Do you need travel insurance to visit your dream destination?

Now that the above questions have narrowed your choices of dream vacation destinations, you probably have several other questions — namely, will you require international travel insurance? It’s always a wise idea to have insurance in the case of emergencies, but also because many countries now consider it a requirement upon entering their borders.

Despite the return of international travel, the world is still navigating a global public health emergency (PHE). The pandemic can, and has, shut down international borders overnight; not to mention, it’s still possible to contract COVID-19 with a vaccine, which can cease personal travel.

Travel insurance protects you when the unexpected occurs.

On top of every other unpredictable element, such as natural disasters like hurricanes or travel snags like lost luggage, travel insurance is an invaluable tool to keep calm when the unexpected occurs. In other words, travel insurance can save you time, money, and stress when visiting your dream destination and help keep you safe in an emergency.

Is your dream destination in Europe?

Here comes the fun part, the actual dream destinations! Europe is a dream place for millions of tourists to vacation, and it’s also one of the best dream vacations for educational experiences. With a rich history and stunning architecture, there’s something to explore around every old town in Europe. Here are five (not so) small towns to check out in Europe when you travel next.

An image of Big Ben and Parliament in London which is a dream destination for many people.

London, England

As both the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London blends the excitement of a modern city with ancient Roman influences. Be sure to settle in Central London to easily access landmarks like the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Houses of Parliament.

Barcelona, Spain

Head to Barcelona if you seek mountain views, Mediterranean coastlines, and a cosmopolitan city in one urban area. But, travelers be warned the city is known for being walker-friendly — so consider ditching the rental car this trip and hop on the Barcelona Metro for longer distances.

An image of Ancient cathedrals in Milan are a common dream destination

Milan, Italy

Milan is Italy’s most fashionable (and expensive) city, so be prepared to trade the rolling hills of Tuscany and the winding canals of Venice for a bustling metropolitan area. Remain mindful of the “busy season” between July and August, which can increase prices.

Paris, France

As the city of both love and light, Paris boasts incredible architecture, like the Eiffel Tower and Panthéon, as well as posh shopping along the Champs Elysees and peaceful picnics at the Jardin Du Luxembourg. Of course, always agree to walking tours, where you can also tour ​the infamous Paris Catacombs.

Prague, Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a dream destination for those enamored by Gothic churches, colorful baroque buildings, and medieval clock towers. Consider buying a day pass to explore the city via public transportation, or opt for an affordable rental to cruise the countryside.

Is your dream destination South Asia?

South Asia is culturally and geographically diverse, with great dream destinations and bountiful breathtaking views. It can be hard to decide which South Asian country to visit first, but this list of five great destinations might help solidify your dream travel plans.

An image of a Temple in Bali which should be everyone’s dream destination

Bali, Indonesia

As the biggest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a major travel destination, especially Bali. Bali is home to incredible luxury resorts, local festivals, and white-sand beaches — but it does remain quite hot. Opt for an overwater bungalow or ocean view room to cool down quickly.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you’re looking for a tropical vacation that doesn’t involve as much beach-time, head to Kuala Lumpur. Towering skyscrapers and vibrant temples line the streets of friendly vendors and humid jungle fauna. Try to visit between March and October, when the city is less rainy.

Huay Mae Khamin Falls, Thailand

Want the thrill of a waterfall with less of a crowd? Huay Mae Khamin Falls in Thailand fits the bill! Located an hour from the more popular Erawan Waterfall, Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall is a hidden gem. Just be sure to bring reef-safe sunscreen to protect yourself and the wildlife.

An image of Angkor Wat which is a dream destination for many Buddhists

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is an ancient mystical location you won’t want to miss for travelers who want a mix of adventure and culture. Located in northwest Cambodia, the Angkor Wat temple was built in the 12th century among the dense jungle. Aim to arrive at sunrise for a truly spectacular sight.

Taj Mahal, India

Known for its ivory-white marble and gravity-defying domes, the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of India’s most renowned tourism destinations. If you’re visiting, bear in mind that vehicles are not allowed within 500 meters of the Taj Mahal because of pollution.

Is your dream destination in Africa?

If you’re looking for the best dream destination to relax and explore, look no further than Africa. Home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and even one of the seven natural wonders of the world, this beautiful place has several dream vacation destinations. Here are the top five.

Image of a rocky beach in Zanzibar which can be a relaxing dream destination.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a tropical paradise consisting of a string of islands located approximately 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania. From the UNESCO-protected historic sites in Stone Town to water sports at Nungwi Beach, there’s a ton to do — just avoid March to May, which tend to have monsoon rain.

Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt might be famous for its jaw-dropping pyramids, but did you know there’s also fantastic scuba diving in the Red Sea? Catch a glimpse of seahorses, manta rays, and seven different types of sharks. Most sites are beginner-friendly, but you can also snorkel at sites like Ras Ghazlani if you’d prefer.

An image of elephants crossing the river in Botswana which was the photographer’s dream destination

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Botswana desert is home to incredible wildlife among large elephant herds and red lechwe antelopes, but the crystal clear lagoons make the landscape shine. The Okavango Delta is ideal for viewing all of the above. Just be sure to plan ahead, as motorized boat cruises are seasonal.

Cape Town, South Africa

The coastal city of Cape Town is where the mountains meet the sea, complete with decadent cuisines, vibrant nightlife, and family-friendly activities. You’ll feel thousands of miles away from home, but the common language is English, and most businesses accept debit card payments.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

If you’d like your dream destination to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the natural wonders of the world, head to Victoria Falls. As an added tip, consider seeing the Falls from both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides to witness the full extent of the largest curtain of water in the world.

Is your dream destination South or Central America?

The best dream vacation for outdoor experiences has to be one of the destinations in South or Central America. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil beach and ocean view or mystical cloud forest, great vacations wait ahead. Take a look at the five beautiful places to visit.

Some of the best dream vacation destinations are rich in outdoor experiences.

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is ideal when you’re craving an ecotourism destination but don’t want a luxury resort. Instead, thrive among the lush rainforest that seems to touch the sky along the continental divide — just arrive early, as it’s one of the country’s most prominent attractions.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Explore the picturesque Mayan villages surrounding Lake Atitlan, a crater lake formed after an ancient volcano collapsed, to transport yourself back in time. Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America, so take caution when swimming.

Image of Mach Picchu shrouded in clouds with mountains in the background.

Machu Picchu, Peru

After exploring Mayan villages, take a trip to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. Nestled high in the mountains of Peru, it is possible to suffer altitude sickness when climbing the ruins, so arm yourself with the best travel insurance in case you begin feeling unwell mid-trip.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s natural wonders, Rio de Janeiro is equal parts white-sand beaches, massive green mountains, and a bustling metropolis. Plan a trip in February to coincide with Carnival, Brazil’s mesmerizing Portuguese masquerade.

Seven Lakes, Argentina

Aquatic lovers likely have Seven Lakes high on their list of vacation dream destinations. Head to Patagonia (yes, like that Patagonia) to road trip along the La Ruta de Los Siete Lagos or Seven Lakes Route and experience the landscape and lakes. Aim to rent your own vehicle for this trip.

How travel insurance helps if things go wrong?

We all know the phrase, “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.” Well, you can also plan the perfect trip to your dream destination, just to have your flights canceled, a rental car smashed into, or worse — become ill or injured. So, naturally, you don’t want to be left alone when things go wrong.

You’re never out of options with travel insurance, even on international vacations. Worldwide multi-trip travel insurance safeguards yourself (and your trip) against last-minute cancellations, COVID quarantines, illness and injury, and even if something back home requires a same-day flight.

Plan your dream destination vacation today

With dozens of fascinating places to visit worldwide, the perfect vacation is always just a few clicks away. So whether you’re staying in an overwater bungalow or an oasis in the treetops, protect your dream destination from the unexpected with Aegis’s travel insurance plans today.

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