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Securing Your Important Belongings with Baggage Insurance

  1. Traveling offers exhilarating adventures and unforgettable experiences. However, amidst the excitement, there’s always a hint of concern about safeguarding our belongings. A baggage insurance policy protects against these uncertainties in travel. Let’s “unpack” the ins and outs of baggage insurance to understand its significance and how it secures your valuables during travel.

The Basics of Baggage Insurance Coverage

Baggage coverage within travel insurance serves as a protective shield for your belongings. It typically includes coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen items during your journey. The coverage protects a wide array of items you carry, from luggage to personal items like gadgets, jewelry, and essential documents.

Aegis offers several policies to ensure considerable coverage, but they each come with limitations and exclusions. Please carefully consider your travel needs with one of our specialists to determine the best policy for you. 

Baggage Insurance Coverage Limits

Aegis’ baggage insurance provides maximum coverage, ensuring financial protection in unforeseen circumstances. You have the option to select higher coverage limits or upgrades, which may be prudent if you carry expensive items like electronics and sports equipment or travel with other valuable possessions. Assessing your belongings and the potential risks during travel aids in deciding suitable coverage.

Furthermore, most baggage coverage will exclude reimbursement on cell phones, tablets, and laptops.  However, some travel insurance providers like Aegis offer upgrades that void those exclusions and allow for reimbursement on those items

Types of Losses Covered by Baggage Insurance

Baggage coverage extends its protective umbrella over various scenarios. Instances like theft, damage, or loss during transit can be distressing but are covered under baggage insurance.  

For example, suppose your bag with essential office supplies was delayed, and you had to pay for office supplies. In that case, baggage insurance could reimburse you for that purchase.

It is important to note that money, auto equipment, and household items are some of the most common exclusions to baggage insurance. So, carefully consider what is and isn’t covered by your chosen plan. 

Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Booking a Flight?

Yes, purchasing travel insurance after booking a flight is possible and recommended. Whether you’re planning a last-minute getaway or forgot to include insurance initially, acquiring coverage at a later stage remains feasible. Airlines and booking platforms often encourage travelers to safeguard their trips with insurance, emphasizing its value in securing your journey.

Understanding Exclusions and Limitations

Despite the comprehensive coverage, Go Ready policies come with exclusions and limitations that travelers should grasp. These include restrictions on high-value items, office equipment, and sports gear. Awareness of these limitations allows for better planning and precautions, ensuring a smoother travel experience. Upgrades that reduce or remove those restrictions and exclusions are also sometimes available.

Traveler packing luggage on top of a bed. 

Baggage Insurance FAQ

Let’s break down some of the most common questions adventurers like you have about baggage insurance. 

Do baggage insurance policies cover all my belongings?

Baggage insurance generally covers personal items, but certain high-value or specific items might have limitations.

Can I claim for items left unattended?

Insurance doesn’t typically cover negligence losses, such as leaving items unattended.

Is there a minimum number of hours my items must be missing before I can file a claim? 

This factor varies per policy. Aegis has policies with a minimum of 24 hours delay and some with a minimum of 12 hours delay.

Buying Aegis Travel Insurance After Booking

Having coverage for you and your family’s belongings can bring peace of mind on your next trip. Aegis presents travelers with the Go Ready plans, featuring two primary options: the Choice Plan and the VIP Plan, each tailored to meet different needs and budgets. These plans extend comprehensive coverage, addressing a spectrum of potential travel scenarios.

The Choice Plan caters to travelers seeking a balance between coverage and affordability. It offers robust protections, including baggage insurance, trip cancellation, emergency medical coverage, and more, ensuring a secure travel experience without straining your budget. It even includes several baggage-related upgrades that can increase your covered limits and remove exclusions on electronics and business and sporting equipment.

On the other hand, the VIP Plan elevates the coverage spectrum, providing extensive protection for those desiring heightened security during their travels. This plan encompasses not only baggage insurance but also enhanced benefits such as higher coverage limits, increased trip interruption coverage, and pre-existing conditions waivers.

Check out our comparison page to better understand the nuances between these plans.

Baggage insurance is an integral part of travel insurance and ensures the security of your belongings while you enjoy your journey. Aegis stands ready to help make your adventure a smooth, safe experience.

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