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Getting a Flight Cancellation Plan is Vital in 2022

Flight cancellations have exceeded 2021 numbers halfway through the year. Read more about it in Newsweek’s article. Matt Clark and Rob Minto wrote the article. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Flight cancellations in June 2022 exceeded June 2021
  • 2022 is set to be the worst non-pandemic year on record for flight cancellations
  • Pilot and air traffic controller shortages are one cause, and those positions cannot be filled quickly.
  • The article also discusses delays which rose to 20%, or nearly 900,000 delayed trips.

Those numbers mean travel insurance with a flight cancellation plan is more important than ever.

Should I Get Trip Insurance for Flights?

Purchasing flight insurance (cancel for any reason) is one way to protect against these flight cancellations. Travel flight insurance such as Aegis’s trip insurance for flights helps mitigate the economic impact of cancellations and delays. Insurance for flight cancellation can also reduce the stress of derailed family vacations.

Cost of Flight Cancellation Plan

Flight cancellation insurance costs are affordable and an excellent investment for peace of mind. Contact Aegis to learn the flight insurance price and get information on Aegis’s flight cancellation plans.

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