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Go Ready Event Ticket Insurance
By Aegis General

At AEGIS, we understand the evolving needs of ticketing platforms and the clients using them. This includes providing ticketholders with a solution to leverage the risk of not being able to attend their event. Our Event Ticket Cancellation Insurance not only safeguards against these unforeseen circumstances but also unlocks new revenue streams for your platform with zero costs and simple implementation.

Key Features for Ticketing Companies:

  • New Revenue Stream - Ticketing companies add valuable insurance coverage for their clients while receiving commission on those policies
  • Zero Cost - Instantly increase profitability without adding any expense to your bottom line
  • Increased Ticket Conversion - Attendees gain buying confidence with protection against unforeseen events
  • Improved Service Levels - Reduce or eliminate calls & chargebacks from ticketholders who can now receive reimbursement from us instead of you

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Go Ready Event Ticket Insurance By Aegis General

Customized Ticket & Registration Cancellation Insurance plans created specifically for Event Ticketholders & Registrants.

Why Choose Go Ready Ticket Cancellation Insurance by AEGIS:

  • Customizable Options - We can tailor the coverage & pricing to maximize conversion for your clients & fit the needs of your ticketing system
  • A Compliant Partner - Nothing is more important than your brand & customers. Be wary of companies pretending to be insurance providers as this is a regulated market
  • Simple & Fast Integration - Easy to integrate with launches that can be accommodated within just 2 to 3 weeks
  • Flexible Implementations - Merchant processing can be handled on our end or yours with policy data being delivered via web services or simple spreadsheets
  • Diverse Underwriting Capabilities - Aegis is an approved partner with 5 different underwriters helping to ensure you receive the best pricing, product, & commission for your business
  • Resell Opportunities - Aegis can inform the ticketing company about paid claims for events that are still to come so that inventory can be reopened for sale…again

Aegis provides 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance with Customer Service and Claims Departments available 7 days a week.

Click Here or call (305) 455-1570 ext. 1226 to be connected with one of our Event Ticket Cancellation Program Specialists.