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Zurich Policies Only: Hamas and Hezbollah attacks on Israel, retaliations by Israel.

Published on June 18, 2024

Insureds may qualify for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption or Travel Delay. Zurich policy must have been purchased on or before 09/21/2023 for Insolvency or on or before 10/06/2023 for Other Covered Reasons related to events such as Terrorism.

At this time, Zurich considers the event terrorism, and those Insureds with policies purchased prior to 10/7/23 may be eligible for coverage. There were rocket strikes on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, so those destinations would be covered as “a scheduled Destination during the Insured’s Covered Trip.” Insureds on trip currently would also be eligible for benefits if other conditions stated in the policy are met.

10/07/23 will be considered the foreseeability for this event.

*This travel advisory does not apply to the Go Ready Student Travel Plan and Go Ready Student Chaperone Plan if the policy was issued with Israel included among the destinations listed on the Summary of Benefits and Confirmation of Coverage documents.  For those policies, Israel is a covered destination.

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