Front Gate Tickets

Claims Handling

If you purchased a Front Gate Go Ready Secure Ticket and need to make a claim for one of the covered reasons on the policy, there are several options available. Before initiating your claim, it’s important to review the Description of Coverage of your policy to determine if your situation is covered. Please be aware that your claim adjuster will require supporting documentation during the claim review process.

Option 1: Submitting your Claim by Mobile Phone or Tablet

Simply scan the QR Code below, or text #etsubmit to (916) 587-4879. Utilizing caller ID, we will match to your policy information and send you a text message with a secure link to our mobile website with step-by-step instructions.

Option 2: Submitting your Claim by Calling our Claims Department:

Call (844) 217-2509 to reach the Claims Department. Follow the prompts to connect with a claims representative.

Option 3: Submitting your Claim by Emailing our Claims Department:

Email with the following information included in the body of that email:

  • Order or Policy Number
  • Reason why you are unable to attend the event
  • Number of ticketholders that were unable to attend (for multi-ticket orders only)
Note: Response time to emails is typically 1 to 3 business days (depending on volume).